The Navigation Center is a hub for services that are integral for helping folks who are homeless. The idea is to house all of these services in one place so it’s easy to provide the multitude of service necessary to prepare someone who is homeless with the tools they need to get off the street.

These services are headed by staff who have extensive experience providing specific services for the homeless. Each service provides a unique offering that fills a specific need on the journey between the streets and long term housing.

The Navigation Center is designed to help homeless people, many living in encampments, who have stayed out of shelters because they don’t want to be separated from a partner, friends, or even their dog, to find permanent housing.

The center is open 24 hours a day, but it does not just provide an alternative spot to pitch a tent. By moving people in as a group, it is thought they will trust the process more than many do in shelters. Homeless individuals and groups will be able to get their immediate needs met and receive one-on-one counseling, with the goal of creating stability in their lives. No more than 75 people will be assisted at any one time, and three services coordinators will be on the grounds at all times.

The center will connect people with social services and long-term housing; below is a list of the services available at the Navigation Center. Services are provided by Episcopal Community Services, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, Homeless Youth Alliance and Meals on Wheels.



–  Four large rooms each containing 20 temporary shelter beds

– Storage for personal belongings

– Showers

– Laundry

– Hygiene kits/supplies

– Linen service: blankets, sheets, towels

– Meals

– Snacks

– Dog kennels

– Case management

– Intake/assessment

– Motivational counseling

– Service referrals and linkages

– Therapeutic and recreational activities



– Benefits support (CAAP, CAPI, CALFresh, SSI – HSA)

– Citation clearance (Clean Slate – Public Defender’s Office)

– Project Homeless Connect (DPH)

– Pet vaccination

– Community partnerships: HYA, St. James, Needle Exchange, TGI Justice



– Outpatient treatment

– Residential treatment

– Long-term shelter

– Transitional housing

– Permanent housing

– Family reunification (Homeward Bound – HSA)



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