Wendell grew up in over 6 different states and 14 different cities but he’s lived in SF for the past 12 years and calls it home. He spent a good deal of time in the area around 16th & Mission and considers it to bring him good luck.

His father is a doctor and his mother is a nurse and currently works in politics. Growing up was tough after his parents split and he found himself torn between two worlds. He had a son when he was 19 and found it tough to survive after his partner unexpectedly asked him to back pay five years of child support. It created an immediate hardship that lead to his homelessness. He’s currently on disability because of a back injury. He lived in Tenderloin housing but is back on the street after not being able to tolerate living there.

He loves the freedom and autonomy he has in the Navigation Center. The shelter system made him feel like he was in lock down in a prison or trapped in an asylum. He couldn’t tolerate the controlling nature of the environment and the rampant drug problems.

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