Before: Allen is an Army veteran. He’s lived on the streets, mostly at Vermont and San Bruno for the past 6 months. He was housed last year by HOT team but left the accommodation because the room was so small it was unlivable. He moved became a guest at the Navigation Center with his dog Vente in April 2015. Allen is known for creating “Shark Hat,” a style of wearing your hat on its side so the brim faces up like a shark fin. Allen is a highly personable fellow.

Experience at the Center: Allen loves the meat loaf and lamb stew. He enjoys staying here because the staff go above and beyond what he expects to accommodate him. Allen appreciates policies that he says are considerably different from local shelters and feels that it’s important that they don’t ask him to leave. He feels like a part of the community.

Housing Status: Allen is waiting to hear from Veterans benefits before allocation. He’s hoping for a one bedroom apartment.

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